Handknit socks. I knit these in 2012. I know because they were from a mystery sock knit along I did that year. They’ve been part of my winter sock rotation ever since, but I’ve been wearing them lately on my walks. They are perfect. The pattern is Chiendent by Yvette Noel.

These days, I’ve been knitting away on my Madigan sweater. Now that I finally having enough knitting time to make a little progress, it’s an easy, straightforward knit that I hope to finish in the next couple of days.

The big surprise with this project is the yarn. I’m using Lanna Grossa Linea Pura Fourseason. I got it on sale at some point and thought it would be nice for summertime knitting because it’s 40% Cotton (+ 45% Wool and 15% Cashmere). I’ve finally gotten far enough along to get a sense of how it feels, and I can see that it’s going to be super comfy to wear. The fabric has such a soft hand–not stiff like cotton can sometimes be but with a nicer drape than a similar weight 100% wool. Definitely, check it out if you get the chance. For some reason it is not in the Ravelry database, which is strange.

Another thing I’m having a little more time to do these days is read, and that makes me very happy. I managed to do a little reading over the last few crazy months, but only a little.

One book I highly recommend is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah. A friend from work suggested it during a conversation about authors whose books are so consistently good that you read absolutely everything they write. With this book, the combination of evocative–sometimes it’s absolutely searing–descriptive writing and the story itself made it hard to put down.

It strikes me that Adichie is one of those writers who over and over again says things you never imagined could be articulated. I’d be reading along and come upon one of these passages and think, “Oh my gosh, what if I hadn’t read this book? I’d never have been able to know this thing and hold it in my mind and turn it over and think about it and return to it later because I wouldn’t have had the words to make it real.” I’m anxious to read more by Adichie.

The Hate U Give and Ship Fever were also wonderfully satisfying reads in their own ways. I had mixed feelings about all of the other books in the picture. I won’t spend time on them here, but let me know if you’ve read or are considering reading them and want to talk.

I’ll wrap up this mishmash post with a picture from dinner the other night with knitting friends. There’s no knitting in it, but there was plenty of knitting in the air. And manicures. Big fun. #knittingfriendsarethebestfriends

I hope you are well, my knitters. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Yayyy!!!!! I can’t wait to see the colors you picked! I don’t think I said it in the post, but just like with the Find Your Fade shawl, the fun of seeing each new color fade in made it hard to put down. It’s a fun cardi to knit!

    • It’s so funny that you mention The River. In the conversation I referred to about authors whose books are so good that you read everything they write, the person I’d been talking about was Peter Heller. I absolutely love The Painter. It’s truly one of my favorite novels. I’m right there with you on The River, though. I was a little disappointed. Thanks for mentioning Purple Hibiscus. Maybe I’ll read that one of hers next!

  1. I love your hiking shoes! I have a new pair and I need to break them in. I’ve never thought to wear my handmade socks hiking, but now I will! Your sweater is going to be so beautiful. That yarn is absolutely gorgeous.

    I find myself itching to pick up a physical book again; however audio books are so easy! I can listen while walking my dog, driving anywhere, doing my grocery shopping, making dinner, crocheting, knitting,…the list is endless. With a physical book, I actually have to sit down and read 😀 I do have a stack next to my bedside as soon as I get the urge again.

    • Thanks, Paula! I love these shoes too. They are so comfortable I actually ended up getting two pair so that if one pair gets wet or muddy I have another to wear while the first dries out. They’re the Merrell Ontario 85. The sole feels almost like a tennis shoe, but they have great ankle support like traditional hiking boots. I seriously wore my last pair of hiking boots for nearly 15 years because I couldn’t bear to give them up, so the fact that I’m a convert to these is a big deal for me. 😂

      I listen to audio books too, so I completely know what you mean on that front. There’s just something about actually reading a physical book that does me good. I think when I’m reading rather than listening I tend to get more fully caught up in the story. Maybe? I don’t know. I actually enjoy both things. It’s so nice not to have to choose!

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