Madigan is off the needles! It fits perfectly, and given the sweater design and the Lana Grossa Linea Pura “Fourseason” yarn, I believe this is going to be wearable year-round.

It was oppressively hot the day we took these pictures–nearly 90 °F with air that hung heavy and made it hard to breathe. It was so hot that when we moved from one picture location to another to try to avoid the brightest sun, I managed to iron in some wrinkles just by wearing the sweater in the hot car for a few blocks.

Despite the sweltering conditions, the Madigan felt great. The cowl neck is roomy enough that I didn’t get overly warm, and with that and the short sleeves, it makes a terrific summer sweater. As the weather cools off, I’ll just add something with longer sleeves underneath, and Madigan will easily take me into the winter.

The Madigan details are all on my Ravelry project page. I knit the pattern exactly as written except for going down a needle size.

Happiness is having a new handknit sweater to wear!


    • Thank you, Melissa! I’m amazed by the yoke/collar. It’s so easy to wear–absolutely no futzing required! Seriously, I didn’t adjust it a single time while I was wearing it. Melissa LeBarre really has written a gem of a pattern. Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods! 😊

    • Isn’t the construction interesting? And it’s so straightforward to knit! Thanks for the congratulations! There really is something so wonderful about knitting something you can turn right around and wear. Wishing you lightening speed with your sweater coat so you can do the same! 😊

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