Technical Note: If it’s a particularly good photo, my husband took it. Thanks, Babe!


*and spinning and crocheting


  1. Oona

    Just found you via Yards of Happiness and am so thrilled… Pablo Neruda, Salman Rushdie, and Elizabeth Zimmerman, all saints of my own private cosmology. I’ll be watching this space!

  2. observeratlarge

    May 22, 2016 — about half way down the page. They are black and white with colored toes and heels.

    Here is the link I followed. I don’t really remember how I got there. I was looking at a Stephen West mystery KAL shawl from 2013, and I saw a brown shawl from your blog. I clicked the link!


    Again, I’m interested in the pattern for Mrs. C’s socks. Thanks.

  3. observeratlarge

    I saw some on Ravelry, too, but none of them looked just right. The one I found that I really wanted, George’s sock, is in an out-of-print book and is for a man, anyway. The one you suggest is pretty close, but the yarn seems to be a much larger gauge. I will keep looking. I have a sock pattern book that probably has something suitable.

    Thank you! I’ll visit again.

    • melinda

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comment, Jane! Isn’t it amazing the way knitters all over the world feel like one big community these days? It’s so funny–I wore a sweater to work today that I knitted when I was in high school(!) a gajillion years ago. At one point I looked at it thought how strange it was that when I made that sweater no one had even heard of the internet. I went to a knitting group once a week with my mom and got instructions for each section. Hanging out with other knitters was wonderful, but I sure do love the way today we can talk about knitting 24/7 with so many wonderful people from so many interesting places. It’s hard to imagine how we managed before. 🙂

      Let’s definitely hook up on Ravelry! I’m WoollyWoof there.

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