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Knit Potion 6


Why you ALWAYS take your knitting EVERYWHERE…

We spent Easter Sunday in the ER after my dad cut the end of his finger off with a miter saw. When he called we were on a walk a mile or so up into the hills in a nearby park. We had to rush to the car and go straight to his house to get him (no, he wouldn’t call 911). Since it was Easter, the ER was the only game in town. That meant a looooot of waiting.

Knitting to the rescue! (Of course, I had it with me! Are you crazy?)

Daddy’s finger is going to be okay. They sewed it back on, and while it’s apparently going to look kind of strange, it should work just fine once it heals. On the subject of bright sides, I told him it was lucky he never took my advice and learned to knit. I’d be locked up somewhere for something for sure with no knitting for two months. :-/

Sleeves and Such 3


If it’s okay with you, I’m going to skip the part where I go on and on apologizing for the posting desert the blog has been over the last couple of weeks and get right to talking about sleeves. K? K.

It’s been ages since I’ve knit a sweater with set-in sleeves. I almost always choose the seamless route because I love the idea of being completely finished with the whole thing when I bind off on the last row. As I’ve been dealing with the pile o’ Gramps in my lap lately, though, the idea of knitting the sleeves separately and not having to constantly reposition the sweater body while I’m going around and around on each sleeve has become pretty appealing. I’m actually thinking I might do something with set-in sleeves for Paul’s sweater, which is one of the next projects on my list.

What do you think about sleeves? If any of you have thoughts on sleeve knitting methods, please share them with me. 

Gramps Sleeve

At the moment I’m perusing patterns for a quick sweater for myself to see what I think before I commit to anything for the Paul project which will be a significant investment of knitting time. I’m looking at a couple of patterns by Amy Miller, Put the Kettle On and Sixth Street. I especially love the funky shaped hem of Put the Kettle On. These patterns actually call for you to pick up stitches and knit the sleeves as you go, but I think I could modify them without too much effort for the sleeves-knit-separately route. Both patterns call for bulky weight yarn, so they should be pretty quick knits, important so that I don’t get derailed en route to Paul’s sweater.

Here are a few pictures from the last fiber guild.

Cari Magic

This is lusciousness from my friend Cari. She’s one of the contributors to the April edition of Spinning Box. There are also some insanely gorgeous dyed locks from her Angora goats that I didn’t successfully photograph. She’s turning into one of those dyers whose fiber is like a magic spell—it draws you with the force of thousand magnets to immediately drop everything and spin. Resistance is futile.

And here are the babies:




And Sidney, ML’s glorious peacock:


And here is my tiny forsythia transplant that not only made it through the winter but is actually BLOOMING!!!! Yay, Spring!!