Brought to you by the letter B

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter B. B is the beginning of a bazillion wonderful things. Like babies! My best knitting friend from Chicago is expecting, so it goes without saying that tiny handknits had to happen.

This precious little pullover by Ysolda Teague is called Wee Envelope. I love the construction. It’s worked starting at the left cuff, continuing through the yoke, and moving on to the right sleeve. Then, you pick up stitches around the base of the yoke for the body. It’s a brilliant design.

I used Cascade Superwash 220 Sport so it would be easy for mom and dad to launder, but I would love to knit this up in something like the Jill Draper Makes Stuff Mohonk that the pattern calls for or maybe Big Bad Wool Weepaca.

And speaking of the letter B, how about some baby booties?! These absolutely slay me. I am truly powerless before baby footwear. If a mortal enemy ever wanted to destroy me, this would be the way. The pattern for these is from Priscillia Uloho, and I will definitely be knitting them again. They are quick and cute, and I think they may actually stay on baby feet fairly well.

The other Bs on my list are not nearly as exciting as the B for babies, but they do make me happy. One B is for banana bread.

There’s something about fall weather that cries out for banana bread. The absolute best banana bread in the whole entire world is Smitten Kitchen’s Jacked-Up Banana Bread. If I’ve made it once, I’ve made it a hundred times. It is sooooo good. Seriously, food from heaven.

I’ve been trying to eat less processed sugar these days, though, so I decided to try this recipe I found on Gimme Delicious. It uses honey in place of sugar. And guess what–we really liked it! I’m going to add a few of the Smitten Kitchen special ingredients next time and see what happens. It could become a new favorite.

And finally, there’s no way to have a post from the letter B without books. Over the last couple of weeks, I have read Salvation on Sand Mountain by Dennis Covington and The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny. I just started The Overstory by Richard Powers.

I was interested in Salvation on Sand Mountain because while it began as a reporter’s coverage of the trial of a snake-handling Appalachian preacher who tried to murder his wife by forcing her to put her hand in the mouth of a poisonous snake, it morphs into a fascinating inside look at an aspect of Appalachian culture that I knew nothing about. The author ends up being so moved by the things he experiences that he actually becomes a part of the story. I came across the book by chance, but it turned out to be a great read. True crime, confessional, anthropological account . . . it’s all there.

The Cruelest Month was just as page turning, heart-warming, brain-ringing wonderful as every other Louise Penny book I’ve ever read. I need to figure out a way to talk about these books. They are so much more than they might appear.

As for The Overstory, the jury is still out. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Well, it’s time to bake the banana bread again, I think! It was one of your earlier posts that made me try it for the first time and it’s been an instant hit at my home 🙂
    And the baby knits are super cute, I love the fall colours!

    • Thanks, Kat! What is it about tiny clothes that is so irresistible? LOL

      I am planning to love The Overstory. Every single thing I’ve heard about it makes me think I will. I’m still in the early section where all of the individual stories are presented, so I think I just haven’t gotten far enough along to have the larger structure of the book make sense. I am definitely reading on with interest.

  2. Look at you go! I love your post about B’s, and I have to make that banana bread. 🙂

    Today I’m rocking the S’s: it’s snowing outside, I’m finishing up a sweater, sewing on a quilt, and I’m making spaghetti sauce. You just given me a way to talk about all of them in my own past.

    I just love Louise Penny ‘s books. I sooo want to move to Three Pines! I know I would get my loom set up and some spinning done if I had that type of social/artistic community. You are right, the books, like the community of Three Pines, are so much more then the stories. I look forward to you writing about them.

    • Wow! The letter S might unseat letter B as my favorite at the moment!! So much good stuff! 😊

      I am right there with you on wanting to move to Three Pines. I don’t ever want the books to end. It’s crazy how deeply attached I feel to the place and the people. I’m always amazed at how much Penny gives me to think about that seems essential for living an informed, care-full life. Every time I read one of her books, I think, “Wow. I’m a different person than I was when I started this book . . . And that’s a good thing.” I am rationing them out and only reading one every few months. I’m afraid to think of what it will be like to finish the last one. 😩

  3. Aww! The baby makes are adorable! I’ve bookmarked the patterns since I have another little great niece or nephew coming soon. I miss Banana Bread and absolutely love Martha Stewart’s version that has sour cream as the secret ingredient. I always got rave reviews. Now that I’m low carb, I make a gluten free / sugar free Zucchini Bread with Walnuts that is the bomb!

    • Mmmm! I will have to check out the Martha Stewart banana bread. Thanks for the recommendation! I love zucchini bread too but don’t have a favorite recipe for that. Glad you like that baby things! These two patterns really are keepers. The only thing I plan to change the next time around is that when I get to the cuff on the booties, I am going to switch to knitting in the round so that I don’t have the seam up the back. Other than that, I think they are ideal. I mailed everything off to my friend today. Can’t wait to see if she likes them.

    • Thanks, Melissa! How exciting to have a new grandchild!! Enjoy your visit!

      I can’t believe Richard Powers was your neighbor. How cool is that? And how nice to hear that he’s a nice guy. I love it when people whose work I like turn out to be as wonderful as their writing makes it seem like they should be. 😊

  4. I am not at all doubting the quality of your go-to banana bread recipe, but I’m going to send you mine, too. It’s worth a shot. :-). The sweater came out great! It was just a little slip of a thing when I saw it last. Thanks for the book tip about the Appalachian snake-handler. That one sounds good. I haven’t read the latest Louise Penney book, but I will talk about her books any time, any where. So will our recently retired historian friend. 🙂

    • Haha! Please send it on. You make the best shortbread I have ever put in my mouth. I will never turn down one of your recipes.

      I’m glad you think Salvation on Sand Mountain sounds interesting. Let me know what you think if you end up reading it. And of course, we must continue to talk about Louise Penny forever. I didn’t know our historian friend was a fan as well. Sounds like a good reason for a meet up! 😉

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