There and Back Again

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Texas with my mom lately. It’s not easy to get there from where we live. Bad weather doesn’t help. On the most recent trip, there were several hours of this:

A couple of hours of this:

About half a day of this:

One very late and frustrating night of this:

Before a new day finally allowed us to make our way around the storm:

And arrive in Texas with the next set of thunderclouds on our heels:

While I was there, I knit and spun amid lots of busyness and running around. I pulled out my spindle at one particularly crazy moment in the car, and lo and behold, not thirty seconds later, we pulled up to the mailbox, and there was a package waiting for ME!

My friend Cari knew I’d need a touchstone. She’s the best.

I’m back in Tennessee now, finally binding off my second The Rain Outside shawl.

Lola is expressing solidarity by snuggling in the edge part.

Hoping to be back with something new on the needles soon! Take care, my friends.






  1. Your shawl looks beautiful, Melinda! 🙂 And I love that book. It looks as though it’s been quite a busy time on the road, but it’s lovely to see that your travels have made lots of knitting and spinning opportunities. Knitting is such a great companion. I don’t know what I would do without my WIPs for those long commutes and stormy delay-days. Sending you big hugs from Chicago. <3

  2. melinda

    What could be better than pictures of dogs in knitting, right?! LOL Especially when the dogs are so perfectly wonderful like Cher and Lola! 😉 I’ve really enjoyed knitting this shawl BOTH times I’ve knit it. I’m so glad you went first and made me realize I needed to! I’ve got to block it first, but pictures soon, I promise.

  3. That is an absolutely gorgeous shawl, Melinda! Knitting has definitely saved my sanity at those long waits in airports. I had to do a double take on one of your pictures because it looks like my Dad and his wife 😀 I can’t wait to see what you knit up next. I’ve got a few more FO posts to go after such a long time of not having much to write about. Hopefully I’ll get them out there soon!

    • melinda

      Thank you so much, Paula! This turned out to be the perfect project for airport knitting. There’s plenty of garter stitch for autopilot knitting but enough of the lace sections to keep things interesting. The thought that I might have inadvertently taken a picture of your dad and his wife is hilarious. That would have almost made the awful delay worth it. Lololol! I’m loving all of your recent posts, especially the most recent one with pics of your finished Smooth Operators. They’re fabulous!!

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