Yarn Along: Sweater and Coates

Here I am posting just under the wire for the Wednesday Yarn Along!

This week I’m knitting the Tea with Jam and Bread sweater for Paul and reading Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Both are substantial and important in a million million ways.


Be sure to stop by Ginny Sheller’s Small Things blog for links to what lots of other people are knitting and reading this week.



  1. Jill

    Between the World and Me and that beautiful brown yarn got my attention! I saw Ta-Nehisi Coates speak last week. He was confident and brilliant and so eloquently connected the African American experience as a people viewed as ‘others’ as what could easily happen with Muslim Americans. It is a powerful read. Enjoy! And enjoy that great yarn and pattern.

  2. melinda

    How wonderful to have heard Ta-Nehisi Coates speak! I can imagine that would be electrifying. Reading this book has made me want to follow his writing elsewhere more closely. He definitely doesn’t take the easy or expected way when it comes to thinking things through, and I love how that pushes me to think. I guess that’s what I meant when I said the book is substantial–it adds something to the conversation that wasn’t there before. It seems like most people won’t or can’t do that hard work, so to find someone who who is doing it so ardently is exciting. Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

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