Yarn Along

I really love the Wednesday Yarn Along. Ginny Sheller hosts this weekly what-you’re-knitting and what-you’re-reading photo op on her blog, Small Things. Stop by for links to what are usually close to a hundred blog posts on the topic. It’s guaranteed to give you a lift.

This week I’m reading If Nights Could Talk, a memoir written by my immensely talented friend Marsha Recknagel. The story reads like a thriller. Marsha is a poet, though, so she writes in a way that constantly startles me by offering up real and important things that I knew, but didn’t know I knew, because I didn’t have words to name them. Every time I come away from reading the book, my world is bigger.



On the knitting front, I’m onto the sleeves of Paul’s Tea with Jam and Bread sweater and am trying a new thing. I’m knitting seamless sleeves two at a time. I’ve done this a lot with sweaters where the sleeves are knit separately, but it occurred to me that it should work equally well when the sleeves are already attached. It was kind of fiddly at first, but as soon as I got a little length on the sleeves, it evened out, and now I’m really liking it. Does anyone else knit sleeves this way?



    • melinda

      Let me know if you do. I’d be curious to know how it works for someone else. By the way I finally got around to reading The Girl on the Train this weekend and loved it!! 🙂

        • melinda

          I started them two at a time, but in retrospect I think it might work better to do a few rows one at a time and then join them. You wouldn’t have to fight with the fabric of the body as much that way. I was wondering if Paula Hawkins was working on another book but hadn’t taken the time to look yet. That’s terrific! I kind of hope it’s longer, though. The Girl on the Train went so fast!

  1. Great blog. Just taken a look at more knits from HeidiK designs. Never done top down knitting (yet) nor sleeves the way you are doing them. I think I have a lot to learn and need to expand my current knitting knowledge and ‘face the fear’!

    • melinda

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Doing the sleeves this way has turned out great. I’m almost finished, and after the first inch or too when it was a little awkward to manage, this has been a breeze. I’ll definitely do it this way in the future. And top down is wonderful, especially because you can try on for size as you go! 🙂

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