Knitting On

Finished up my Week 6 Geek-A-Long square!

Katamari Damarcy 1 2

This is Katamari-Damarcy. I have no idea what the game is all about, but I liked Katamari, so here he is. (I think he’s a he.)

And here are all of my squares so far:

6 squares

I’m still having fun with this, but I feel the need to work on some other projects. The plan right now is to pick back up with my Gramps Cardi and then move on to a sweater for Paul. I’ll probably work on knitting Geek-A-Long squares here and there in between.

The Looped Loop is getting some love as well, but I’ve only been working on it when I’m on the go. Here we are taking a coffee break at the grocery store on Sunday. It was pouring outside, and by the time we made it the half hour to the store, a moment to wind down from driving in the crazy hard rain was in order:

Cowl 1 sm

Here’s Looped Loop at the Bee Meeting last night:

Cowl 2

I’m clearly using knitting and coffee as a talisman against the weather. Will it ever stop raining?

Here’s Looped Loop spread out so you can see how much I’ve done—relatively little actually, but I guess it’ll be finished some day.

Cowl 3


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