Night Knitting

The current Geek-A-Long square is moving a bit more slowly than the others. It’s straightforward to knit, and I like the design, but I’ve been  distracted with other things. Work, of course, but more importantly, yoga.

Snow Headstand

I think I’ve mentioned here before that one of the big revelations of my older and wiser self has been that you can’t always know where you’re going before you head out. Some things, sometimes BIG things, only show up once you’re walking the walk. Put another way, the mind has its limits. You can’t think your way through everything. There are pathways that open in the doing that aren’t available through thinking.

Being a die-hard thinker, this has been a difficult concept for me to warm up to, but it’s been proven to me over and over again in recent years. It happened with spinning. I only finally started to “get” spinning when I started spinning, not while I was reading and thinking about spinning and trying to understand spinning in my head.

It’s also happened with yoga. Yoga helps me in ways I don’t understand. Doing yoga makes me happier, more open, more alive, less dark. I don’t know how or why—and believe me that’s been a great source of mystification—but it does. And guess what. The more I do yoga, the more I get out of it. Shocking, I know, but there it is.

Whether it was the oppressiveness of the cold damp of winter or something else, I was losing traction there for awhile. I managed to get to yoga, and it helped. I did yoga on non-class days, and it helped more. I’ve been doing yoga every day, and it’s helped a ton.

Now, my curiosity is aroused. Why is it helping? How does it work? Where could it lead?

Yoga 1

I know, I know. I was just talking about getting out of my head. But zebra. Stripes. All of that. And as with knitting, even though thinking about it isn’t a substitute for doing it, the thinking has its own rewards.

I really had no intention of writing about this here, this being primarily a space for knitting, but when I sat down at my keyboard this morning, it’s what showed up. Hope you don’t mind my sharing.

Yoga 2

Now, I’m off to yoga. Paul is driving. I can knit on the way.



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