Back to Gramps

It’s so nice to be back to knitting on Gramps. It’s knit potion, for sure. I didn’t realize I was missing sweater knitting until I dove back in and suddenly a whole collection of tense spots relaxed. 

Gramps CC

During the Gramps hiatus, I’d convinced myself that the contrasting color I’d chosen wasn’t going to work. I’ve been a little iffy about the main colorway from the beginning, and I started thinking that adding the neutral for the contrasting color would just make the whole thing impossibly chaotic. But I was wrong! Don’t you think? I really like how the bottom ribbing section turned out. Now I can hardly wait to get the sleeves done so I can return to the contrasting color for the button band and shawl collar. That will tell the real story.

Saturday was Fiber Guild, and I had the sweetest helper ever.


It was a great time, as always, with the added excitement that one of our newer guild members started learning to knit! Can you imagine? I wanted to have a mind meld and beam into her brain all the wonders that await her.

Learning to knit 1

Everyone wanted to get in on the fun.

Learning to knit 2

I took this marinated cauliflower salad for lunch. Yum!

Cauliflour Salad

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday here in the U.S. Heaven help us.


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