Hoping The Third Time Is The Charm

So I’m knitting the sleeve on Calligraphy for the third time. The first time I realized my in-the-round sleeve gauge was much tighter than my back-and-forth body gauge. It took me about two inches of knitting to figure that out. If you’re thinking I must not have been paying much attention, you’re right. I was distracted by a very weird movie—Queen of Earth. I read a review that said it was scary, and there was nothing else on, so I figured what the heck . . . let’s see what it’s all about. It wasn’t scary. Weird, but definitely not scary.

Rasta gave up on the movie before the dialogue even started, so he was out cold by the time I needed sweater advice.


I ripped back and fixed the gauge issue and then set off on sleeve number one again. This time, I got about halfway down the length of it and realized it was going to be way too big around. It starts out with 70 stitches which, once I stopped and thought about it, seemed like an awful lot. I checked a few similar patterns, and indeed, it was more than is typical in the ones I’ve knit that fit me well. Here’s the weird thing, though. Other people’s finished sweater pics for Calligraphy don’t show a particularly baggy sleeve.

So it’s not the pattern because others aren’t having an issue. But it’s also not just me because sweaters I’ve knit with a similar construction that use a similar yarn have started with far fewer stitches at the top of the sleeve. What am I missing? For the time being, I’ve given up on trying to figure it out. I ripped back again and this time started the decreases sooner and am doing them every other row. This seems to be working out much better.

Sleeve 3

Paul took this picture during our travels today. The sweater is turning out pretty slouchy overall, but I think it will be okay for wearing over other things this winter. 

Look at this sweetie. Isn’t she pretty?


We seem to be running into kitties everywhere. This little girl was actually in the Dog Boutique we browsed through while waiting for a friend to meet us for lunch. She seemed completely content to sit on top of this dog stroller and get pets from the shoppers. She was super friendly and purred and purred while we were petting her. 

Hope you had a nice weekend! Happy knitting!



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