Le Grand Départ

Le Tour de France is underway, and I’ve been spinning along with the riders! The first day I picked a fun batt from my stash simply because I loved the color. It’s two ounces of Rambouillet/Bamboo/Angelina from Luthvarian Fiber Arts and came out to be about 44 yards of 3-ply.

Day1 13

For day two, I chose some bright blue Spunky Eclectic Polwarth that I had left over from last year. Lola and Augie both wanted to help with this since it involved the twirling sky thing.

Day2 3 crop

Yesterday, I spun two ounces of Huacaya Alpaca top on my Ladybug and a little bit of Cotswold on the spindle.

Day3 1

And so far today, I’ve plied the Alpaca. The squish factor is insane.

Day4 1

This is also le grand départ for another sort of journey in that I’ve started a spinning class. I jumped in on a whim because fun friends were doing it. Almost immediately after I registered, I started wondering if I was crazy. Work has been nuts. I’m involved in “Basics, Basics, Basics” through TKGA. It’s summer, so there is blackberry picking, gardening, hanging out with the chickens, going for walks . . . plus all the normal things.

I’ve spent some time with the first part of the course material today, though, and I think this is going to be very good thing. It brings spinning together with book making and an opportunity for some serious introspection. I hadn’t realized it until I began to get into the material a little, but taking stock of things could be exactly what I need right now.  

We moved to the mountain just over two years ago, and in some ways it feels like my whole life has been leading here. The world has been offering up some very important lessons, and it’s taken me nearly half a century to get a clue. A few things might actually, finally be sinking in, though. As I think more about all of this, I’m sure I’ll share some of it here, and I’ll definitely post more about the tangible parts of the course as it goes along. In the meantime, it’s back to Tuesday work. And the Tour!



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