Checking In

Happy Thursday, knitting people! I’m just popping in as promised to say a quick hello during my work marathon. There is definitely a light at the end of the editing tunnel, and the Tour de Fleece starts on Saturday, so things are looking up.

My knitting is all at a stage that requires at least a minimal level of concentration, and I needed something mindless for work breaks today, so I pulled out the granny square blanket I’ve been crocheting forever. It was just the thing.

Breakfast Crochet

At some point I really need to spread out all the squares and take a picture.

On another note, I love hearing and reading about men who knit (actually about any knitter who goes against the stereotype), and I’ve come across a  couple of fun interviews with knitting men over the last couple of days—this one with Gregory Patrick and this one with Stephen West. There is definitely a Lost and Found Poncho in my future. 

In other fiber news . . . make sure you don’t miss this. The pictures alone are worth the price of admission.


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