Winter Is Coming

Tour Spinning

Five days since my last post. My apologies!

I think my Tour de Fleece spinning has something to do with the posting hiatus. It’s taken up a couple of hours almost every day. But I’m also feeling a little overwhelmed generally.

Some time ago, I mentioned that I was designing a new online course. The planning has been going on for it for over a year. Well, it started last week, so I was wrapped up in that. Plus, I’m starting the spinning course I talked about in my last post. And there’s the Game of Thrones watching marathon we’ve undertaken for some unknown reason. And there’s that thing that happens in the summer when last year starts to become next year. People have graduated, and they’re packing up, preparing to move on to a new chapter in their lives. Summer is full and fat and wonderful, but Fall is so much closer than it was in the Spring. And Winter is coming.

The antidote is knitting, of course. And walking and eating well and doing yoga and reading—all those things that pacify the rat. So today, in between the grading and spinning and course work and household chores, I plan to knit on CeCe, read some more of Mansfield Park, go for a walk, and eat from my garden.

Yesterday was errand day, but happily there was also some knitting and eating amidst the running around.

Knitting Lunch

This little girl lives at the chicken feed store. Getting to see her is the highlight of errand day.

Store Kitty


    • melinda

      Haha! He’s super sweet! One time, we were there and were poking through a big round bin of dog beds. The bin must have been at least 3.5 to 4 feet high. I moved a couple of the beds to get a better look, and there he was – all snug in the pile o’ dog beds. He looked at me like he wanted so say, “so now that you’ve interrupted my nap – aren’t you at least going to pet me?”

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