This Shawl!

Mystery KAL Shawl 4


Spring has come to the mountains! It was 85 degrees today, and the dogwoods are blooming. I need to take a picture of them to show you. They were blooming when we moved here two years ago, and it seemed like a good omen—first, because anything having to to do with dogs has to be good, and second, because my grandparents’ land in East Texas where I spent a lot of time growing up was full of dogwoods. Many happy memories there.

I took advantage of the warm, not-exactly-sunny-but-at-least-not-raining weather to take pictures of the finished Mystery Knit Along Shawl!! I’m through!! I actually finished it several weeks ago, but between lots of work and little sunshine, the pictures just didn’t happen. Until today!


Mystery KAL Shawl 5


The view above is looking out from the highest point in our area. Our house is out there on one of the smaller mountains. And the picture below shows the end point of a popular hiking spot. It’s called Black Stack and is across a steep drop from where we were standing when we took these pictures. It’s well above 4000 feet. We haven’t been there yet but hope to make it this summer. It’s not an easy hike, so we want to pick a good day for it.

Mystery KAL Shawl 2


This shawl. I absolutely loved knitting it. I seriously missed working on it after I finished.


Mystery KAL Shawl 1


Major knit potion here. It didn’t just cure whatever happened to be ailing me at the moment while I was knitting it, but every time I wear it or even see it, from now on, it will make my spirit soar.


Mystery KAL Shawl 6


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