In the news . . .

Knitting on the 28thirty cardigan is moving happily forward. I need to take some pictures. Tomorrow. I promise.

In the meantime, the news is full knitters doing interesting things.

I absolutely love the idea of people on faraway northern islands sitting by the fire with a warm cup of tea or a mug of beer and knitting away the dark evenings. This article is about that, sort of. The picture is perfect, and I actually had it posted here, but after doing some reading about copyright infringement, I’ve gotten cold feet. It’s great, though, definitely worth a look.

In Bolivia women are knitting parts for hearts—literally!

And in Australia, this:


. . . pouches for sick animals. This is a common brush-tailed opossum, Samson. He is recovering from a punctured lung. In a hand knit pouch.

I know. I just said I was worried about copyright infringement, and here I am posting Alex Halford’s picture, but I’m thinking that, in this case at least, the Copyright Act would allow it, and hopefully Alex Halford won’t mind.

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