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Knit Potion 4

I don’t seem to be able to language lately, but knitting goes on.

Exhibit A (etc.): Cabled Fingerless Mitts for Cari . . . That’s actually Cari’s hand wearing the mitt, which just happens to match her mug with knitted cables on it. AND she’s knitting! In other words, this picture equals a whole bunch of happy for me.


Fetching Mitts for Liz:


Annual Christmas dishcloths for my Dad:


Double Knit Cap for my godson Finn:



Elevation Hat for my cousin Randy (modeled by Paul):

Solidarity, my knitters!

Junebug Farms Yarn 18


If you’ve read even a little bit of my blog, you know about my friend Cari. We met online back when Paul and I were planning our move to Tennessee. I had questions about chickens, so of course I turned to Ravelry. I searched for someone in NE Tennessee who’d posted about chickens, found Cari’s blog, and the rest is some of my happiest history ever.

Over the years that Cari and I have been friends, Cari’s fiber genius has exploded. She knits, spins, crochets, dyes like a crazy color savant, and along with her hubby, Jay, has started a small fiber farm. With goats!

Here’s a picture of Cari and Jay that ran in the local paper.


They started out with two female angora goats and early this year added two boys. This is when they were bringing the boys home in their car!


It’s all been big fun to be part of and watch develop. And now! Oh, my gosh! The yarn!!!

This Spring, Junebug Farms got their first batch of processed fiber back from the mill. It is crazy gorgeous. Cari gave me a skein of the natural color that I’ve been saving instead of knitting with (I know, I know), and then she started turning out these glorious colors. I had to jump in.


I’ve had the Fetching pattern in my queue for ages. It seemed good for trying out a new yarn since, with a little cabling, some stockinette, and a picot edge, I’d get to see how it behaved with a number of different techniques.


So I can’t figure out how to photograph the squish (which is OUTRAGEOUS), but hopefully the photos at least show how beautifully the yarn knits up. The stitch definition in the cabled areas is nice and crisp, yet there’s still this lovely bit of mohair haze that just kills me.

I couldn’t stop with the mitts. I mean it. I just had to keep going. So I came up with a matching hat.


This hat and these mitts make me so happy! I’d love them even if the yarn weren’t from Cari and Jay’s precious goats and dyed by Cari herself, but those things make them extra super special.


I knit the first mitt the night the Cubs won the World Series (!!!!), and I’ve been wearing them ever since,  even though this is the most un-winterlike November I can remember. Now, all I can think about is what I want to make next with Junebug Farms yarn!

Home 2

After what felt like a warp speed visit to Texas, I’m back at home. My mom loved her birthday scarf! It looks great on her, and she wore it a couple of times while I was there.


Seeing how easy it was to wear and tie differently for different looks made me even more sure I want to knit another one of these.

First, though, I’m going to be knitting my mom a pair of Cupcake Mitletts. I was finishing up my pair on the trip, and she liked them, so we stopped by the local yarn shop, and she picked out some yarn for a pair for her.

Here’s a picture of mine, fresh off the needles. The yarn we got for Mom’s is a pretty, burnt orange color, similar to the color of her scarf.

Cupcake Mitletts 2

Yesterday was sort of a disaster travel-wise. Between late flights and missed connections, I didn’t get in until nearly 3:00 am. That’s made today a challenge in terms of productivity. Other than a bit of paper grading, all I’ve managed to accomplish is a batch of cookies for Fiber Guild tomorrow and a little bit of knitting on my Scrap Yarn Advent Calendar Socks. 

Scrap Sock

I’m way behind! Oh, well . . . hopefully, I’ll have time to catch up next week.

Look what else happened today. Snow! The first of the year.

1st Snow

Handspun Mitts 2

Remember that Hello Yarn club fiber I spun during Spinzilla? I think I mentioned that I wanted to knit a pair of fingerless mitts with it. Well, here they are!

Handspun Mitts 6 web Handspun Mitts 9 web

I REALLY love them.

The pattern is Easy Peasy Fingerless Mitts by Jennifer Casa. It’s wonderful in its simplicity. Basically, you just knit a tube and then add an afterthought thumb. Voilà! Super cute mitts!

Paul took the pics for me, and we both laughed when this bee started buzzing around. At first, we were waiting for him to buzz away, but he just kept hanging out. This pic ended up being my favorite of all the ones we got. I’ve actually made it my profile picture on Instagram, so if you see a mitt and bee pic over there, it might be me.

Handspun Mitts 3 web

Last night, I worked on a stripey sock while we watched the Baylor Bears do their thing. They’d been ranked #2 in the country until two weeks ago when the quarterback fractured his neck. Last week was a by week, so this week was the first week out with the new guy. He is a freshman, and he played like he’d been doing it forever. When the announcer mentioned that he was 19 years old, I just about shot cider through my nose. 19?????? Can you even drive when you’re 19? Kidding, but still . . . 19?

Baylor Kansas

I’ve got to get back to work, but I’ll leave you with a picture of Blade on today’s walk. It’s unseasonably warm, so we’ve been taking every chance we can to get in walks that don’t require too much bundling up.

Blade 2

I’ll be back with some pictures of something—either the Travel Shawl or Gramps—this weekend. Be well! And happy knitting, my friends!