Handspun Mitts

Remember that Hello Yarn club fiber I spun during Spinzilla? I think I mentioned that I wanted to knit a pair of fingerless mitts with it. Well, here they are!

Handspun Mitts 6 web Handspun Mitts 9 web

I REALLY love them.

The pattern is Easy Peasy Fingerless Mitts by Jennifer Casa. It’s wonderful in its simplicity. Basically, you just knit a tube and then add an afterthought thumb. Voilà! Super cute mitts!

Paul took the pics for me, and we both laughed when this bee started buzzing around. At first, we were waiting for him to buzz away, but he just kept hanging out. This pic ended up being my favorite of all the ones we got. I’ve actually made it my profile picture on Instagram, so if you see a mitt and bee pic over there, it might be me.

Handspun Mitts 3 web

Last night, I worked on a stripey sock while we watched the Baylor Bears do their thing. They’d been ranked #2 in the country until two weeks ago when the quarterback fractured his neck. Last week was a by week, so this week was the first week out with the new guy. He is a freshman, and he played like he’d been doing it forever. When the announcer mentioned that he was 19 years old, I just about shot cider through my nose. 19?????? Can you even drive when you’re 19? Kidding, but still . . . 19?

Baylor Kansas

I’ve got to get back to work, but I’ll leave you with a picture of Blade on today’s walk. It’s unseasonably warm, so we’ve been taking every chance we can to get in walks that don’t require too much bundling up.

Blade 2

I’ll be back with some pictures of something—either the Travel Shawl or Gramps—this weekend. Be well! And happy knitting, my friends!


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