Still Yarning Along . . .

Despite the sad demise of the Yarn Along, knitting and reading continue as always here at Casa Knit Potion.

It was cause for celebration when Anne Lamott’s new book arrived on my doorstep the day before yesterday.

Here’s the quote from the back cover:

I’m not sure I even recognize the ever-presence of mercy anymore, the divine and the human; the messy, crippled, transforming, heartbreaking, lovely, devastating presence of mercy. But I have come to believe that I am starving to death for it, and my world is too.


My knitting is the English Mesh Lace Scarf I started at least a year ago. I think it’s going to be a favorite when I finish it in about 2050. I do a pattern repeat once a month or so. It’s the Kidsilk Haze. I don’t love knitting with it.

What I am loving knitting is this Dog Sweater. I started it last night and should finish up this evening while I’m catching up on The Americans. I’m making it for my cousin’s precious, little, one-eyed dog, Bandit. My track record with dog sweaters isn’t the best, but I’m ever hopeful.

I took this picture while we were waiting for dinner at our local Thai restaurant. Paul and I went there after an evening walk. We both needed some fresh air, so we drove over to a very pretty, hilly trail that winds around above town. The National Cemetery sits down below.

And the redbuds are in bloom.

It was nice.

In other news the #yarnlovechallengeapril is underway on Instagram, and the prompts are inspired. Today’s was “hands.” These were a couple of my favorite photos.



  1. What a beautiful, heart-rending quote. I felt Lamott’s words right where it counts! I’m very interested, and will be adding the book to my list of library holds. And the English mesh scarf is gorgeous. I love the colour and the stitch pattern. Just heavenly!

    • melinda

      Annie Lamott amazes me! Reading her always feels like a splash of cold water when you’re least expecting it combined with the hugest hug ever. Lol. Her posts on Facebook regularly make my day:

      Hopefully, I’ll finish the scarf some day. It really is slow going with the Kidsilk Haze, but I love the look of it too, so I keep plugging away. Thank you so much for stopping by, Shirley! ❤️

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