Just Peachy

Today, I ate the best peach I’ve had in at least a decade. It changed everything.


Since my last post, I’d managed to come out on the other side of my work nightmare and walk right into being really pretty sick. I ended up with my third case of shingles. It’s rare to have it more than once, but it happens.

I’d been feeling sorry for myself for several days and basically doing nothing but the work I absolutely had to get done and knitting on the endless rectangle that is the Easy Folded Poncho.


The knitting was knitting, so it was great, but the stir crazy was setting in. On a whim I went for a drive.


I happened upon a roadside farm stand. Just visiting with the farm stand people and seeing the pretty fruit and veggies was nice, but the peaches. Ohhhh, the peaches. Language is not adequate to describe the peach I bit into after lunch. It’s amazing how one thing can change your perspective. This peach did. I’m pretty sure it healed me. I might have heard angels. I definitely closed my eyes and wimpered for several seconds.

I’m telling you about this because it’s what I have right now. Thank you for indulging me.

Here’s the Geek-A-Long square I finished in the tiny window between work hell and coming down with the plague.


Now that I’ve been healed by the peach, I think I might return to my English Mesh Lace Scarf and leave the poncho for car knitting. I’ll be back with an update of some sort soon.

I hope you are well and knitting and about to find a peach as wonderful as the one I had today.


Or some plums.



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