Heading Out


Last night, we went out to dinner for the first time in ages and then went to a play. A friend had one of the lead roles, so it was a special occasion. I had a fancy cocktail:

dinner 1

What? You didn’t think I’d leave my knitting at home, did you?

And when I pulled out the phone to snap a picture, I realized I was also wearing a handknit, so here’s to handknits in action!

dinner 2

That’s my Travel Shawl. It’s turning out to be a favorite. I wasn’t planning to take it on my trip to Texas, because heat. But I’m rethinking that.

I’ve finally narrowed down my trip knitting. I’m back to working on the Geek-A-Long squares, so I’m taking the square in progress. I worked on it for a little bit this morning while I had coffee and did my beginning-of-the-day things:


I also cast on the Churchmouse Easy Folded Poncho. It’s going to be the official when-I-can’t-pay-attention-but-really-must-be-knitting knitting.

The other thing I cast on was the Churchmouse English Mesh Lace Scarf. I’ve been wanting to knit this for awhile, and since it only takes one ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze, and that weighs exactly nothing, it seemed like a good way to give myself another knitting option without its adding too much weight or bulk to my carry on.

I leave tomorrow and will be gone for a week. My plan is try to blog from the road at least once, but we’ll have to see how that goes. Even if I don’t manage to post anything, I’ll be reading. Now that I’ve found so many great new knitting blogs, I don’t want to miss anything!


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