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Since all I have to show you today is the Crystal Palace yarn sweater in pieces, how’s about a list of cool knitting blogs?

I’m forever in search of great blogs. I love following along with other knitters and seeing their projects and how they do things day by day. It makes me feel like we’re all in this whole figure-out-the-world thing together. Plus, on days when I’m uninspired or need a fresh perspective, I can always count on a knitter to deliver.

sweater I’ve mentioned Jean’s Knitting lots of times. I check in there every single day. I thought it might be fun to share a list of some of the blogs that are new to me, though. Some of these bloggers have quite a following, but for whatever reason, I’ve just discovered them in the last few months. All of the blogs are currently being updated at least fairly regularly (a must for me), and each one has something about it that makes it unique or especially interesting. I’m going to present my list in alphabetical order with one exception. The exception is Yards of Happiness.

If you enjoy seeing lots of finished projects and following along with someone who is constantly pushing herself to learn new things about knitting, then Yards of Happiness is for you. Dana usually posts about three times a week, and in addition to the knitting, you get to see quite a bit of her fabulous dog, Cher. I read every post, and I’m never disappointed.

The following are blogs that I’m just getting to know but that have been compelling enough to make me actually sign up for email alerts about new posts or at least bookmark them so I can check back regularly.

  • alexand knits The “about” page says that she is a “queer, married mom of a toddler and two stripey kitties” and that, like a lot of us, she has a stash problem. The toddler and the kitties are all seriously cute, and she’s a particularly engaging writer. Her blog posts talk a lot about the nitty, gritty details of knitting (she knits a bunch!) and feature excellent pictures. Plus, she just went to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, so you can get your festival fix if you head over there right now.
  • Knitting in France The Knitting in France blog is written by an Icelandic knitter who currently lives in Normandy. That would be enough of a draw for me right there, given my fascination with all things beyond the U.S., but she also chronicles all of her fiber exploits, which are extensive. She knits, spins, dyes, and she has an Etsy shop. It looks like she also does contests and giveaways periodically which is kind of cool.
  • FogKnits If you hurry over to FogKnits right now, you’ll immediately see why I’m recommending it. Enough said. (If you come across this post sometime in the future, here is the specific post I’m loving at the moment. It’s called “Stuff on my Cat.”)
  • Knitters and Hookers Aileen from Glasgow, Scotland, writes the Knitters and Hookers blog. Aside from having what we all know is the best obsession ever and living in a super cool place, she’s a clinical psychologist in real life. This is relevant because sometimes her professional insights carry over. I found this post and this post about depression especially worthwhile reading. At the moment Aileen has a new baby, so she isn’t posting as regularly as usual. Here’s hoping she’ll be back before too long.
  • Spin a Yarn Paula says on her “about” page that although by day she is an Instructional Designer, by night, she is “an obsessed knitter, crocheter, cook, baker, and reader.” Those are the things she writes about. She doesn’t post a ton, but when she does it’s often about sock knitting . . . which, of course, is excellent. And she has a terrific blog roll! Don’t peek until you have about three hours to be lost in blog exploration.
  • The Shameful Sheep The subtitle of this blog is “Shit Storms, Shame, and Stories That Make You Cringe.” If that doesn’t pique your interest, I can’t imagine what would. Blair is hilarious. Go see for yourself.
  • The Sock Monkey Here is the beginning of The Sock Monkey “about” page: “Hi! My name is Josiah Bain. I’m a junior in high school, blogger at this blog that you’re reading, and knit designer under the label, The Sock Monkey. There isn’t much to say about myself besides the fact that I’m an introvert who will talk to people only if I’m forced to or if they are knitting.” I don’t know about you, but I can totally relate. Josh only posts a couple of times a month, but what he does post is unusually thought-provoking, and it’s always accompanied by incredible photographs. He has an amazing eye. Josh’s blog is a departure from run-of-the-mill knitting blogs because he’s thinking about the big issues—creativity, boundaries, beginnings and endings . . . I’m looking forward to following along as he continues his knitting and philosophical explorations.
  • Unsophisticated and Jejune Hannah is a knitter as well as a sewer and quilter. And she’s been to art school. That combination says something about her sensibility and the general vibe you get from her posts. One day she’s talking about how grafting sock toes is “a load of bollocks.” Another day she’s exploring fabric design. And yet another day she’s telling you about the time that she and her mother volunteered to help with archiving at the 18th-century home of Lord de Tabley. There are tons of great pictures, and you learn a lot. What’s not to love?
  • Yarn, Books & Roses One of the best things about Yarn, Books & Roses (besides the knitting and the cats) is that Marilyn seems like such a great person. When I’m reading her posts, I think: Wow, we should hit the local yarn shops and then have lunch while we talk about all the great stuff we found! She knits and spins and weaves and cooks and gardens and just seems to do all the stuff that’s fun to hear about. Oh, and she’s also managing a chronic disease. Check out her blog. I bet you’ll like it.

So that’s my list. Let me know what you think! And let me know what I’m missing. Which knitting blogs do you follow?

Oh, and I do have one more picture. The 2016 garden is underway. Woohooo!!



  1. Hi and thank you so much for sharing my blog on your list of new to you and interesting blogs:) I loved your list of blogs and actually went on to visit and sign up to follow a number of them – as well as signing up for your blog of course :). I always enjoy reading a good knitting blog:)

    • melinda

      Hi, Bogga! Thank you for stopping by. I’m so glad you liked the list. Finding this many interesting blogs at one time has been a windfall. I’m always on the lookout, but I usually only come across a good one every now and then. The universe must have known I needed to find all of you! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for including my blog in your round up and the lovely things you had to say. I am looking forward to checking out the other blogs you have recommended. I had planned to do it just now, but my son has just woken from his (very short) nap so duty calls!! Thanks again. Aileen x

    • melinda

      Hahaha! Yep, hating dirt and bugs pretty much rules out gardening. Every year I tell myself: THIS year I’m going to wear gloves so I don’t have garden hands for four months, but I never manage to pull it off.

      I do love your blog! It’s especially nice knowing there will always be a regular flow of posts. That is RARE! I’m so impressed that you manage it. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for including my blog 🙂 The reason I don’t post a ton is because I’m usually working on secret test knitting projects. I can only blog about them once the pattern goes live. Since I don’t want to blather on about said secret knitting projects, continuously teasing the reader with no pictures, it’s usually about the socks 🙂 I recently said to Josiah, from The Sock Monkey, that I need to stop signing up for these secret projects and start working on the stuff I want to finish. I look forward to reading more on your blog!

    • melinda

      That’s a hard one because I’m sure it’s also fun to be the first to try out new patterns! And I LOVE socks, so it’s all good as far as I’m concerned. 😉

  4. Hello, another great blog I love reading is An English Girl at Home. It is a knitting and sewing blog and it’s really interesting. I find her perspective on crafting is different to my own and I love that! It’s always lovely to hear about new perspectives and receive new inspiration 🙂

    • melinda

      Thank you so much for the suggestion! I KNOW there are blogs out there that I want to be reading, but sometimes it’s hard to find them. Off to your blog now! 🙂

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