Knit Potion


Why you ALWAYS take your knitting EVERYWHERE…

We spent Easter Sunday in the ER after my dad cut the end of his finger off with a miter saw. When he called we were on a walk a mile or so up into the hills in a nearby park. We had to rush to the car and go straight to his house to get him (no, he wouldn’t call 911). Since it was Easter, the ER was the only game in town. That meant a looooot of waiting.

Knitting to the rescue! (Of course, I had it with me! Are you crazy?)

Daddy’s finger is going to be okay. They sewed it back on, and while it’s apparently going to look kind of strange, it should work just fine once it heals. On the subject of bright sides, I told him it was lucky he never took my advice and learned to knit. I’d be locked up somewhere for something for sure with no knitting for two months. :-/


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