Friends in High Places

My dear friend Cari has written a funny, thought provoking, inspiring, makes-you-want-to-pull-up-your-britches-and-do-something-amazing account of her trip to see the fiber arts exhibit at the Bellefonte Museum in Pennsylvania this weekend. A piece of her artwork figured prominently in the show, and this was something that turned her inside out in all sorts of ways and ultimately left her ready for more. It’s the best blog post I’ve read in a long time. Be sure to  check it out, and when you do, notice the awesome Thin Edge of the Wedge scarf she’s wearing in the photo. Handknits in action, baby!

Things around here are moving along. Saturday was errand day which always includes a fun lunch:

Crochetl lunch

And a visit with Miss Kitty at the feed store:


We found out this time that her name is actually Lucy. Apparently, the best place for feed store kitties in the winter is in the middle of the dog bed display. Makes sense to me.

Christmas gift knitting is probably going to start soon, but for now I’m indulging myself with crochet squares in every color of yarn I can dig out of my stash. I find the holidays kind of hard—good in many ways, but a bit stressful and sad too—so this is proving highly therapeutic.

I’ve also been going for walks. Paul and Blade and Dulce and I went on a nice hike up the mountain one day last week.

Walk 2

And yesterday Blade and I wandered over to the little cemetery that’s not too far from our house.

Cemetery rev

Walk 1

And last night there was seed bread.

Seed cake

Now I’m off to yoga. Wishing you peace and love, my friends. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thank you for the very kind words, Melinda. They mean a lot, and I do take them seriously – particularly when you talk about my writing. Wearing that Thin Edge of the Wedge was a purposeful choice on my part. It was like taking a piece of you with me, since you gave me the yarn, and made the shawl first.

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