Crochet Potion

Hello, Friends — I’m still here. Feels like the world is upside down these days. In our corner we’ve had sick chickens and a burst well pipe on the list of worries. This is going on behind my house right now.


Even the weather is strange. We’re having wind gusts up to 50 mph. We spent most of the morning retrieving all the things that blew down the mountain during the night.

In the middle of the crazy, there has been this rose, blooming outside the vet’s office, in November.


And there has been knitting, of course—mostly on the Travel Shawl—and also crocheting. 

Dinner and Crochet

I’m thinking of a blanket.

Yarn 1

Yarn 2

For now, it’s back to work. Gotta make some money so we can pay the vet and the well guys. Hope you are all well out there and that even during the crazy you’re finding a little time to do the things you love.


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