Easing Into Fall

Today, we hung out with great friends and alpacas.

Alpaca Days 1

It was learn-about-alpacas weekend around here, so we spent the day visiting and spinning while the curious came to see our friends’ farm. Last week was busy and left me feeling a little dragged out, so it was fun to relax outside on a pretty fall day and laugh and talk and do fiber things.

Alpaca Days 7

Our friend L was demonstrating weaving. The gorgeous yarn she’s using is yarn she spun herself from fiber from the farm’s alpacas.

Alpaca Days 4

The rest of us were spinning.

If you look closely at the very bottom of this picture, you can see my Swedish Fish Socks. Handknits in action!

Alpaca Days 3

Like any good day, this one involved dogs. Meet Duke the Cute. He was intent on mastering the finer points of spinning.

Alpaca Days 5

And this is Buddy. He was in charge of getting pets, taking naps, and general awesomeness in the dog department.

Alpaca Days 6

Catching up from last last week, I wanted to tell you about this delicious soup. It’s Smitten Kitchen’s Carrot Soup with Miso and SesameBarefoot Rooster blogged about it, and I’ve been dying to try it ever since I read her post. This seemed like the perfect time for it since I’d been sick all week and Wednesday made it officially fall . . . Oh, my. It was insanely good, definitely not your standard carrot soup.

Carrot Miso Soup

And I made soda bread to go with it.

Soda Bread

These two mooches kept trying to convince us that soda bread was the ancient food of their people so they should have a piece.


In other random news, I finished Midnight’s Children which I’d been reading for a few weeks. I’m now in withdrawal. It’s an absolutely astonishing book.


Progress continues on Gramps. I’m just about to separate the sleeves and body. I’ll post pictures soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Fall!


  1. When I first separated from my husband I couldn’t sleep. At all. Which is very unusual for me. A very dear friend who was in Med school at the time used to come over to my sad, bare, little cold apartment over the bagel shop/Greyhound station in downtown Burlington Vermont and read me to sleep every night. She read me Midnight’s Children. I don’t remember anything about the story (which is also very unusual for me) but I remember the safety and love in her voice. I will hear it in my head forever. I have thought maybe I should read it for myself, but I am afraid it will mess with her voice, so I don’t. I am glad you liked it.

    • melinda

      Oh, Dorothea – What a wonderful experience to be able to take away from what it sounds like was a pretty hard time otherwise. And what a great friend! I’m so glad to know this story. It’ll be part of my thinking about the book from now on. Thank you so much for telling me about it. If you ever do decide to read the book again and you want to talk about it, I’d love that. I can understand why you’d just want to let it be, though. XOOX

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