Calligraphy Pics

I finally have some pictures of Calligraphy to show you!

Here it is during the sewing-on-the-buttons stage. This was after a nice long soak and gentle blocking.


Buttons 2


Augie is chief button inspector, and he takes his role very seriously.


Aguie 1


VERY seriously.


Augie 2


Here are a few pics of me wearing the finished sweater.


Calligraphy 5

Calligraphy 3


The full-length one shows super clearly how big the body is. Oops. Oh well . . .


Calligraphy 8


I’m already wearing this in the cooler evenings and mornings we’ve been having, and I love it. The Peace Fleece yarn is surprisingly soft and comfy, and the floppy collar is great for opening up if I don’t need the extra warmth or pulling close around my neck if I do. And the buttons! For some reason the orange buttons make me really happy.

If I’d paid attention to my gauge from the beginning, this sweater would have been just about perfect. I can’t wait to make another and get the fit right. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it, but it just might be sooner rather than later, maybe even after I finish Gramps.


  1. Jay

    You know, I wasn’t sure how those buttons were going to look on it but I really like the color. And as for the size, I like things to fit loosely so it looks perfect to me. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

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