A while back (10 years ago?) a friend of a friend who knows people who know things predicted that Twitter would end up bigger than all the other social media platforms put together. It sounded like crazy talk at the time. And, no, it hasn’t happened yet, but WHOA! Twitter is insane! 

I set up an account along with everyone else back around the time I was having that conversation with my friend, but that was kind of the end of it. I never really got into Twitter. Earlier this year, I went so far as to set up @KnitPotion with the thought of giving Twitter a fresh go, but it took me until this weekend to have my mind officially blown. Seriously, whoaaaa . . . Let’s talk about the parallel universe where all the cool people have been hanging out.

I’ll spare you the details of my conversion, but I do want to mention that on the very weekend I discovered the awesomeness of Twitter, I also discovered that I could read and knit at the same time. Life will never be the same.

Knit and read

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