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So I’m tempted to wait to publish this post until I have knitting pics to share. CeCe is sooooo close. Like it’s possible I might even finish it today and get to start Calligraphy close. But there’s a lot on the schedule for this afternoon, and I know how I am, so I’m going to go with what I’ve got.

Interesting Knitting News

Did you see the story about the 71-year-old Pittsburgh woman who was shot in the knee while knitting yesterday? The headlines all included the knitting: 71-Year-Old North Side Woman Shot In Leg While KnittingKnitting woman shotWoman, 71, shot in the leg while sitting at home knitting after bullet came through her window from across the street.

I wonder why the knitting figures so prominently. Why not “Pittsburgh Woman Shot” or just “Woman Shot”? It’s not like the knitting is an element of the crime as it was with that other Pittsburgh woman who was stabbed with a knitting needle or the story where the son killed his mother by stabbing her with a knitting needle, or even the one where the bus video shows a student being attacked while the monitor knits.

Are the writers of yesterday’s story trying to emphasize the contrast between the violence of a bullet coming through the window and the calm domesticity they think the knitting suggests? Is it that the shooting isn’t interesting enough on its own? Is it that knitters have come to represent such a significant element in society that adding this detail guarantees hoards of additional readers? If that’s the case, you’d think they’d have let us know whether or not the woman was allowed to take her knitting with her in the ambulance.

I do love it when knitting shows up in unexpected places. A couple of weeks ago, this video was in the news. It’s footage of Icelandic knitting enthusiast Kristin Gudbjartsdottir who took her knitting paragliding.

And if you’re into knitting-themed music, Paste magazine found a whole list of songs where knitting figures prominently. Even if you don’t end up liking the songs, going to the article at least gives you another look at that awesome picture of Sufjian Stevens knitting that’s been all over the internet. Yes, he’s been knitting since kindergarten. Yes, he knits on tour. Yes, these are totally awesome things to know.

Okay, I’ll post the picture. Please don’t report me.


Sufjian Stevens knitting


And finally in my news round up, there is this:



I read about it in the Huffington Post, and I find it both amazing and slightly embarrassing at the same time. The knitting is crazy good. You could stop on any frame and spend many minutes absorbing the perfection of every detail—from people and buildings to insect wings and cat poop. It’s all there. And it’s all knitted! The story is about the “Nudinits,” though, and the naughty puns are off the charts. Like, if my mom read this blog I wouldn’t even post about this. Like, I might be blushing as I type. But the knitting!!! You should probably take a look.


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