How does this happen? I mean, thank goodness it happens eventually rather than not happening at all, but how can it be that there is some amazing thing or person or idea in the world that everyone has known about and loved and been amazed by since forever but of which you have remained 100% clueless? Not you you. Me you. You know what I mean. How can it be??? I’m torn between banging my head against the wall and screaming from the rooftops. Cast On!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve heard knitters mention something called “Cast On” for years, but I’m quite sure I’ve searched for it multiple times and never found anything. I assumed it was just one of those cool phenomena, like Twin Peaks or Yao Ming, that is on the scene for awhile, is appreciated by those lucky enough to have a clue, and then disappears into the “remember when’s” of nostalgia. Au contraire! Although the Cast On podcast by Brenda Dayne is not being recorded in its original format anymore, there are 135 episodes of amazingness available for download on iTunes as well as on the Cast On website. Thank you Ply magazine for the clue! 

Cast On

Here’s a line from Brenda Dayne’s (Mostly True) Bio

All that Brenda knows about life she learned from her knitting: that there’s no right or wrong way to do anything, only different approaches; that gauge is a suggestion, not a Commandment; that it’s supposed to be fun.  

See? And this lady doesn’t just talk the talk. Brenda Dayne is out there in her handknit socks walking the walk. I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of the treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration that is the Cast On podcast, but I can tell you that what I’ve heard so far has me seriously psyched. There is lots of knitting talk. She describes the handknit sweater she’s wearing in each episode (pattern, yarn, wearability, personal history), and tells knitting stories, many of which are very funny, some poignant, all interesting. She knows all kinds of cool knitters, and she knits like a fiend herself. She plays fun indie music from the Podsafe Music Network. And maybe best of all, she regularly reflects on what knitting is and how it can change your life. I’m talking manna for the knitter’s soul here, my friends. 

So I have a ton of stuff to do today, but at some point before my head hits the pillow, I’m looking forward to another dose of Brenda Dayne. I can hardly wait. 



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