Catching Up

So my dad is back home with a brand new bionic knee. The guy who came to set up the machine that will bend it back and forth for him, for eight hours a day for three weeks, said they deliver about 20 to 25 of the machines a day in our area to people who have just had a knee replacement. Yowza! That’s a whole lotta knees. It kind of boggles the mind. Virginia Woolf meets Henry Ford, I think. Something so deeply personal (we skin knees, pray on them, crawl on them, go weak in them, for goodness sake) turned out like car parts. Weird. Wonderful too. But weird.

So I’m not great at being out in public doing serious things all day for multiple days in a row. On Tuesday it led to this:


And there actually wasn’t as much knitting time this week as I’d imagined because by the time I squeezed work into the already strange days it was way late and almost time to do it all over again. I did manage to finish the first wheel of unspun Icelandic I’m using for the Pi Shawl, though. That felt like a milestone. 

Pi Shawl 1st Wheel

Daddy was able to come home from the hospital yesterday, which was a relief to all of us. After he got settled in, I took a break to go through the mail and unwind. Isn’t it funny how unwind and unravel mean both the same thing and completely different things? I suspect that by yesterday my husband could have made some observations about the similarities. Did I mention that I’m not great at doing official things out in the world for several days in a row?

But there’s a new issue of Ply out! And it’s on spinning for fine yarn, which is something I’ve been thinking about for this year’s Tour. I love Ply. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jacey Boggs.


And I got a book in the mail from my friend, M!! I have a feeling it’s going to be an intense read. I read the first page of it when we were in Birmingham for the wedding and liked it a lot. I’m in the middle of Mansfield Park right now, but I’ll start this one soon. The book club book for this month is The Secret Life of Bees which, unbelievably, I haven’t read. With work deadlines and wanting to spend extra time with my dad, though, it’s probably not going to happen right now.    


Today’s goals are to make some serious progress on work stuff, to wean myself off the ice cream I’ve been eating for every meal, and to be useful to my dad. My sweet P took him to physical therapy this morning, so I’d have time to play catch up. So I’m off to continue catching up. 

Augie has agreed to shoulder the burden of being the sleepiest kitty in the whole wide world all by himself.


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