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Happy Tuesday, my friends! I made it through my crazy weekend of work and am happily back in the regular groove. I actually finished earlier than I’d expected on Sunday, so I had some time for weeding the garden, going for a walk (where I saw these beauties):


Making my first ever PIE with some of the last remaining blackberries from 2014 (It was SOOO amazingly good!):

Blackberry Pie

Blackberry Pie 2

And doing a little sock knitting, cuddling, and napping with these guys:

Sunday Knitting

Yesterday, BOTH of my sock club shipments arrived, so I got to oooh and ahhhh over this lusciousness from Into the Whirled:

ITW June

And more fun stripes from String Theory Colorworks! The complementary heel/toe color gets me every time. So does the little stitch marker that always comes with each month’s yarn. See it there on the right?

STC June

The light was fading when I took these pics, but even with the shadows, the images without the camera flash are so much nicer than the ones I took with it.

I’ve rounded the heel on the first funky, pink stripey sock, so I should have some pictures of that to share tomorrow. I’m also making progress on the Pi Shawl although there won’t be much to see there for a looong time. As long as it’s on the needles, it’s just going to look like an increasingly big blob.

In the blog world, there was a very interesting post from Danny Gregory today. He’s the genius behind Everyday Matters, an online community of artists (of ALL skill levels) that developed around the first incarnation of Gregory’s blog.  Sadly, that original blog is no longer accessible. It was all the things I’ve talked about loving in a blog—idiosyncratic, personal, filled with glimpses of the way someone’s passion shows up in the details of everyday life. The “new and improved blog” has followed the path of so many wonderful things that succumb to the dictates of commerce. The entries became less and less personal, less real seeming, slicker, more like they wanted something from you. Today’s post reflects on all of this. It almost sounds like the funny, candid, un-retouched Danny Gregory from back in the day. Check it out if you have any interest in drawing, or in blogging, for that matter.



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