Here . . .

With today’s post I just want to say that I am here. I can’t think of anything particularly interesting or funny or useful to say except that I’m reminded by Jean Miles how much it means to just carry on. The longer I live the more I’m convinced that life is a funny, strange, horrible, wonderful thing that defies bottom lines. On this day, my heart is full. I exult with loved ones marking joyous new beginnings, I ache with people dear to my heart who are bravely trying to manage what might be the end, and I feel, all the way to my bones, for those deep in the middle of the middle.

And I knit. 

The Pi Shawl:


Pi Shawl Cast On 3


The second stripey sock:


Sock w Lunch




Cece LoFi


Not pictured is the glass of wine I’m having at 3pm. Yes, it’s like that.



  1. I like to think about you, up there in the mountains with your knitting. No matter what I’m doing in my day, I have this image in my head of you knitting. I know you’re most often working, and sometimes doing yoga, and reading, reading reading. But my vision is the eternal knitter.

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