In Which She Finds A Podcast That She Kind Of Likes

I haven’t done a lot of knitting today, but I did make a mildly interesting knitting discovery. It happened at the gym.

My normal pattern is to listen to an audiobook while I’m doing my workout. I spend about half an hour on the treadmill and then about forty-five minutes to an hour stretching and working out with weights. That’s a nice chunk of time for audiobook listening, and it’s one of the things I look forward to about my workout. For some reason I wasn’t in the mood to listen to my book today, though, so I did a quick search for knitting podcasts. And I found an interesting one.

Now, I should explain that I’m a tough audience. I much prefer to gather my knitting news by reading than by listening to someone else’s monologue. I like the control I have with reading—to skim, skip ahead, linger over something especially interesting, that kind of thing. So I went into the podcast not expecting much. But you know what? It was actually okay. It was interesting enough that I ended up listening to three episodes.

So let me tell you what it was. The podcast I listened to is produced by Never Not Knitting. You can find the list of podcasts here. The person behind Never Not Knitting is a knitter/designer named Alana. The parts of the podcasts that dealt with her knitting and design projects were alright, but what I really liked was a feature she apparently includes in each episode—knitting stories submitted by listeners. One was about a woman who knitted her way through recovery from a serious automobile accident. Another one was about an Australian woman whose lover moved to the northern tip of Sweden. In preparation for a two-month trip to visit him in the dead of the Swedish winter, she knitted a pair of leggings for herself. The result was funny and touching. The stories are actually broadcast in the person’s own voice, so you feel kind of like you’ve sat down for a cup of coffee together and are hearing the story personally. I found myself completely drawn in by all three of the stories I listened to, as in—I would spend more time listening to the podcasts just for this segment.

If you like podcasts, or even if you don’t but you like hearing knitters’ stories of how knitting has been important to them, you might want to check this podcast out. The current episode is number 84, so there’s a rich backlog to keep you busy while you wait for Episode 85!

Oh, and don’t miss the Never Not Knitting theme song at the end! That alone makes it worth tuning in.

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