So I was finishing the body of the Adele’s Legacy sweater last night when I was presented with an opportunity for growth, or as my husband would say, an AFGE (pronounced aff-gee). I’ll let you guess what the letters stand for.

I was about an inch into the ribbing at the bottom when I noticed an odd twist to the body. What the what?! I shook out the sweater and took a look, and guess what—somehow I’d gotten the armholes out of position relative to the raglan increases. You can use your imagination for the visual because, while I’m sure it would be character building, I absolutely cannot bring myself to post a photo. Let’s just say that I spent the next little while trying to focus on the joy in the process.

On a much nicer note, it just so happened that yesterday was the yearly big day for Adele’s Legacy. Check out the local news coverage of this year’s woolly event. It’s absolutely guaranteed to make you smile.

And just so we don’t have two posts in a row with no pictures, this is what it looks like here today. I took this along the road that leads to our house. We’re up there in the fog.


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I think these girls were hoping I was the delivery person with lunch.


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  1. I can feel your angst from here, even though I don’t understand the ramifications of your AFGE or what it translates to in Sweater World. I do know, however, that you can overcome and fix stuff. Is this something that can be retroactively considered to be a Design Element?

    • melinda

      Thank you for the sympathy. Unfortunately, it’s definitely not workable as a design element. This is a “rip it all the way back to the beginning” kind of mistake. It’s okay, though. After I saw the video of the kids getting sweaters yesterday, I realized it would be good to be a little bolder in my color choice. Instead of making the sweater solid blue, I think I’m going to work in some contrasting red or gold. Maybe both. Plus, that will keep it from feeling like I’m doing exactly the same thing all over again.

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