Some Things I’ve Learned

Dear Knitters,

Here are some things I’ve learned since the last time we talked.

1. It is a seriously bad idea to try to hold onto a cat who doesn’t want to be held onto.

2. Wearing Crocs in the mud . . . just don’t.

3. Indoor plumbing is a blessing from the gods never to be taken for granted.

4. The slipperiness of llama poop defies the laws of physics.

5. Shopping at Walmart should only be attempted when you are ready for anything. ANYTHING.


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In other news:

–My lace ambitions have been put on hold for the moment. I’m still scheming but have been distracted by the learning opportunities mentioned above and planning my project for the revamped Ravellenic Games. After much consideration, I’ve decided to go with something fun and straightforward in a fabulous rainbow Koigu KPPM. My project will be Kristen Kapur’s Ida’s Kitchen hat. I’ll post pictures when the yarn arrives!

–And socks. Always knit socks.

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