Look! A Llama!!

It’s so sad when good blogs go bad. Not bad bad – but quiet, less active, un-updated. You know what I mean. It’s hard not to take it personally, at least a little. And there’s that hole where all the good stuff used to be.

I adored Crochet With Raymond. It ran for about two years from 2010 to mid-2012. Alice and her cat, Raymond, showed up every day or so with gorgeous pictures of beyond gorgeous fibery projects. There were frequent tutorials and plenty of Raymond stories and all kinds of things to ooh and ahhh over, and it just never failed to make me happy and leave me feeling inspired.

As Alice got on with life, though, keeping the blog up-to-date began to take a back seat to other things. Eventually, it stopped altogether. It’s perfectly understandable. But sad. For us fans. I miss reading about Alice and Raymond.

Then there are the blogs that don’t completely stop; they just get . . . less energetic. This sort of blog goes from being something absolutely regular and dependable to something less regular and dependable. Here, I think of Little Cotton Rabbits and Julie Williams crazy amazing color sense and, of course, of Franklin Habit’s The Panopticon.

For a number of years, Franklin Habit was not only the smartest, funniest, most charming knitting blogger around, but he was also so darn dependable that it started to feel like we were pals. For years I’d wake up, kiss my husband, feed the dogs, get a cup of coffee, and log on to the computer to see what Franklin was up to.

If work was yucky or errands were piling up or the holidays were causing me stress, I could always turn to Franklin to be reminded that all we had to do was keep on knitting and eventually everything would sort itself out. Then Franklin went and got famous, and everyone wanted him to be everywhere, and even though he’s awesome, he’s still only one person, so . . . less blogging. This totally makes sense. But it’s sad. For us fans.

How do Jean Miles and The Yarn Harlot do it? Thanks GOODNESS for Jean Miles and The Yarn Harlot. But HOW do they do it?

I’m so far from having any kind of answer to this question that — Look! A llama!!


1 13 5


This is the lovely Knickita. She donated this:


Cupcake Sprinkles 3


Which (with the addition of a little bit of sari silk for the spots of color) allowed me to make this:


Lin Lin FO 7




Lin Lin FO 4




Lin Lin FO 5


What were we talking about?


  1. melinda

    Thank you, Cari!!! The yarn is absolutely luxurious! Now that I’m through knitting with it, I’m going to have to wear the shawl all the time just so I can keep feeling that amazing, soft fiber.

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