Christmas Eve Eve

12 23 13a


Today was a present wrapping, cookie baking, napping, novel reading, knitting kind of day here at Casa Knit Potion. It was also a chance to catch up on a bit of knitting news, which included this article about “why knitting is hot again.” Count on Kaffe Fassett to get right to the point:

“It’s about bloody time. It has taken people a long time to appreciate that sitting down and rubbing two sticks together with a string of yarn between them not only creates something beautiful and truly creative, but is one of the most life-enhancing activities around. It just makes you feel good.”

Amen to that.

There have also been several celebrity knitting moments over the last few days. Julia Roberts and Katy Perry both mentioned their knitting to reporters, and there was this article about Diva Zappa. She’s knitting a mile-long scarf named Emilio, and when the interviewer asked her what she likes most about her craft she said:

Knitting calms me—it’s soothing. It’s a place for me to go. I don’t know how to explain it, but if something happened, I would knit and it would help me to breathe.

Nice. May we all knit and breathe.

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