This little cardi has almost undone me. The cute is unreal.

I’m a sucker for cardigans, stripes, and close-but-not-quite-matching color palettes anyway, but add in the minuscule scale of Gingersnap, and I’m a goner.

The pattern is free on Ravelry, and it’s a breeze to knit. The instructions are clear, and the knitting itself is absolutely straightforward. The most complicated thing you have to do is pick up stitches for the collar.

I knit the back of mine in dark brown just for fun.

All the baby knits are precious, but there’s something about the color blocking and boxy little shape of this one that I just adore. It’s going to Texas with me tomorrow to be delivered to its teeny recipient. I’ll try to get pictures.

So the travel knitting . . . I cast on for a Free Your Fade shawl last night. I’ve also got plenty of cotton yarn to work on Christmas dishcloths for my dad and practice my log cabin technique in anticipation of the Fringe and Friends Logalong. And the Caradon Hill Jumper. . . I’m in the deep middle of a gauge conundrum with this one, so I brought yarn, pattern, and multiple needle sizes for swatching just in case that’s the way things need to go. Have I mentioned that holiday travel stresses me out?

Anyhoo . . .

Clearly, I’ve packed much more kitting for this five-day trip than I’ll ever get done, but at least I don’t have to worry about running out. I’ve been back and forth on adding yarn for a pair of socks for my dad to the pile, but so far, I’ve held back on that one. I’m trying not to let the fact that he wore a pair of handknit socks I knit for him six years ago to lunch today add undue weight to the “for” column. There’s still nearly twelve hours before I leave, though, so anything could happen.

I hope you are all well, my friends. Wishing you peace and happiness during this holiday season!



  1. Your little cardigan is so cute! Isn’t it nice to see people wearing things you have knitted for them? Maybe you should knit your dad another pair of socks after all. I hope you have a wonderful trip to Texas. We have been having some nice weather here but it’s going to get colder tonight.

    • melinda

      Thank you, Deborah! And ohhhh yes–seeing someone wearing something I’ve knitted for them is one of the best feelings in the world. Daddy will definitely get another pair of socks, but it will probably be after Christmas. Thank you for the good wishes and for commenting! Happy Holidays!! 🙂

    • melinda

      Thank you so much! That’s definitely the bad part about being the driver–no knitting time. Hopefully you’ll get to do a little knitting when you get to your destination. Safe travels, and Happy Holidays!!

  2. OH, that sweater is adorable perfection! I love the way each part of the sweater is unique. The colour-blocking, stripes, and buttons are so wonderful together. I would totally wear the adult-sized version! And glad to read that your travels will include ample knitting time (you are definitely prepared!). The holidays stress me out, too, but the knitting is great self-care. Safe travels and happy holidays, Melinda! Wishing you many more beautiful knits and fiber adventures for 2018!

  3. melinda

    Haha! I was thinking that about the adult-sized version too. We should do the math and write that up. Thank you for the kind comments, Shirley. I’m about to leave now to go present our new little guy with his sweater. Can’t wait to see it on him. Thank goodness for knitting on so MANY levels, right? Happy Holidays to you and my very best wishes for 2018! ❤️

    • melinda

      Thank you, Dana! I had an absolute blast knitting it. Now, I’m having fun imaging in it in all sorts of different color combos. Thank you for the Christmas wishes! It was great to spend time with my mom in Texas, but I’m glad to be back home tonight. Sending lots of happy holiday wishes your way as well!

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