Fall Is In The Air


Are you feeling the fall where you are? We spent the weekend running around here and there and loving the nip in the air.

I bound off the sleeves for Paul’s sweater (finally!) as we drove.


On Saturday, we got to visit this year’s goat babies at Good Fibrations. Their pals gave us the fiber I’ve been using to knit the sweater.


You can see the leaves coming down in their pasture. This is across the border from us in North Carolina, and fall seems to be a little further along there than it is at our place.

I took this picture along our driveway during my lunchtime walk today. The leaves are just starting to turn. I love the woodpecker tree on the right. And can you believe the sky?


Here’s more fabulousness from North Carolina. I can’t remember what the plant in the foreground is called, but I need to find out. That’s pink muhly grass in the foreground. It and the bush behind it with the purple berries made my heart ache they were putting on such a show.


The bush with the purple berries is called a beautyberry. Look at the color of those berries! I’m wondering if it could be preserved in dyeing. I haven’t found an answer yet although I did learn that the beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) is a natural insect repellent, apparently comparable to DEET in effectiveness.


The cooler temps have spurred Paul to start bringing firewood up from the shed.


And they’ve made me pull out the crockpot.


And start another blanket.




    • melinda

      Me too! Lol! I’m so close to finished, but now all I really want to do it knit on this blanket. I definitely want to finish it before SAFF, though, so I can show it to Marcia. Hopefully, two and half weeks will be enough for procrastination plus seaming and doing the neck.

  1. All of your pictures are so beautiful! We are getting cooler weather now; however the trees have not started changing and dropping leaves as of yet. I guess because of the hotter than normal summer and the temperatures still flip flopping. It can be 93 degrees one day and then 74 degrees the next. I’m hoping the cooler weather sticks around and we finally start seeing some of the signs of fall! I’m also one that loves soup. I will be making a Northern Bean and Bacon soup tonight for dinner and can’t wait to taste it as it’s a new recipe for me.

    • melinda

      Thank you! It’s easy to take good pictures when there are so many great subjects! Good luck with the new recipe! Maybe making it will entice the fall weather to stick around. 😉

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