The Big Blue (Highly Wearable) Rectangle

So the big blue rectangle has become what I think is going to be a highly wearable, pretty blue poncho. Go figure!



Despite the monotony of knitting what felt like miles and miles of stockinette, I’m glad I decided to make this.

For one thing the Rowan Felted Tweed yarn is one of the nicer yarns I’ve used lately. This was the first time I’d knit with it, and it felt good in my hands, wasn’t at all splitty, and produced a lovely (soft and  dense without being heavy) fabric. I’m surprised that something so light has such great drape.

I’m also a little surprised at how polished the finished piece looks despite the pattern’s stone cold  simplicity.


As alexandknits says so well in her run-down of The Giant Blue Rectangle, blocking is key, and blocking wires are a must. So is getting the shoulder seam right. Do those things, and you’re home free.

I’ve been looking at patterns for Paul’s sweater. That’s going to be my next project. And I have to tell you that sleeves, collar, and a bit of shaping are sounding pretty good right about now. I’m happy to be  leaving the the endless stockinette behind. That said, I love that I have this versatile new addition to my wardrobe.


  1. it looks GREAT! I wonder if the viscose is what gave it the drape? and I wonder what other yarn might work for it…. and I wonder if purling back would speed things up a bit, or cause other monotony problems. I wonder……..

    • melinda

      Thank you, thank you!! I’m wondering too. You’ll have to see this in person. It’s really remarkable that such a light, airy yarn hangs so nicely. I think purling back would just cause me to poke out both eyes instead of one. Lol

  2. by the way, damn you for making me look at that pattern page again. I LOVE all the Churchmouse patterns that I’ve done, and I’ve looked at it a dozen times and thought ‘nah, it’s cute on that skinny model, but I have actual boobs.’ then I see you all cute and poncho-y hiking in your giant blue rectangle and damn if if I didn’t spend 5 minutes pouring over finished projects on the pattern page on Ravelry and wondering what yarn I have that might work for it. boobs or not. <3

    • melinda

      The Churchmouse models have boobs. I actually noticed that. And I think it looks good on almost everyone who has posted pics on Ravelry. I think it’ll look terrific on you!!

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