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This is an especially busy week for me work-wise, so I’m feeling a little brain dead and don’t have much to say. I did want to drop in for a quick hello, though, and post a few pics.

Gramps is finished and blocked. I’m hoping to find buttons on Friday. Wish I could go here for them!

This was a thoroughly satisfying knit, and it fits as well as any sweater I’ve made for myself. The only thing I’m not 100% thrilled with is the way the short rows worked our for the shawl collar. I like the size and shape of the collar. I’m just not crazy about the little bit of wonkiness in the middle of each lapel area. It starts where I picked up the wraps. I’ll have to think about this and do some research into other ways to knit shawl collars because I do love them.

In my stupor at the end of the work day, I’ve been taking a little bit of time to continue knitting on the Crystal Palace yarn sweater. We had our monthly bee meeting Monday night, and the best part of the whole thing was the knitting time.

Bee mtg

In other news the flowers and flowering trees have been glorious lately.

The dogwoods are in bloom.


And the rhododendrons.


And this is an iris Paul picked and brought in from the hill behind our house. The irises grow wild around here, and we have them everywhere.

Iris sm

I’m going to be taking a trip to Texas in May to visit family, so it’s time to start thinking about travel knitting. I plan to be working on a sweater for Paul by then, but I’m thinking a huge pile of wool in my lap in Texas in the summer isn’t the best idea. Maybe something small and light would be nice—a scarf or socks maybe. Or maybe something in cotton…

Hope all is well with you, my friends! Happy knitting!!


  1. Congratulations on Gramps!! Have you thought about German short rows? I’ve never knot a shawl collar, but the few times I’ve done short rows (very few) I learned that method because I wanted to avoid the wrap and turn.

  2. DWJ

    I was going to suggest German Short Rows too. Very Pink Knits has a super easy tutorial on YouTube and I have fallen head over heels with the technique. But congrats on Gramps! I love the yarn choices 🙂

    • melinda

      I’m so glad you like the yarn choices! That makes me feel like I’m on the right track since you have such a great eye for those things. 🙂

      Will definitely check out the German Short Rows. Thanks for pointing me to Very Pink Knits!

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