The things I took . . .

Fire Evacuation v3

These are the knitting things I packed for the fire evacuation. I loaded three bins of yarn into the car as well but took them out. Moving counter clockwise from the lower left corner:

  • my current WIP
  • the yarn and other supplies for the Geek-A-Long blanket and the squares I’ve finished so far
  • ALL of my knitting needles – circs, straights, DPNs, interchangeables
  • two notebooks full of pattern notes on finished projects
  • yarn for four or five upcoming projects
  • my most beloved handknits

What do you think? What would you have taken?


  1. I don’t think I could have even found most of my knitting stuff even if I wanted to take it with me in that situation. I’ve got projects all over the house, in several rooms, and a pile of things that need to be taken back to the “supply room” to be put away. I doubt I’d remember underwear.

    • melinda

      I had stuff all over too. Trying to gather the things that were irreplaceable or too expensive to easily replace or that I’d lose my mind before I had time to replace was definitely stressful. That’s one reason I’m trying to think a little more about it now — so I can have at least a basic plan in place in case anything like this ever happens again.

  2. DWJ

    Oh no for fire evacuation. So I’ve gone pretty digital with my knitting patterns and notes so I’ve always got them with me. I keep a small bin in the living room with the active work in progress and then I’d grab my stash of interchangeable needles and that’s about it.

    • melinda

      That sounds much more manageable than what I ended up taking. I clearly need to refine my plan. I actually do have all my project notes in electronic format, but if I relied on that version, I wouldn’t have the ball bands, yarn samples, swatches . . . that sort of thing. Still, in an emergency, it would work. Definitely food for thought . . . Thanks for the idea!

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