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PC Hike

I love it when I’m wearing something handknit, and it turns out to be absolutely perfect for the occasion. My friend D and I went on a hike yesterday. When I was getting ready, I couldn’t decide how to dress. It was in the forties but was supposed to get warmer. I didn’t want to be cold, but I also didn’t want to have a big jacket to lug around if I got too warm wearing it. What I decided to do was layer up and wrap my Thin Edge of the Wedge scarf around my neck. 

In the car on the way to the trail, I was already thinking I’d overdressed, that I should have left my scarf at home, shouldn’t have worn all the layers, etc., etc. Once we got off the main road and back up into the forest, though, it turned out to be quite a bit colder.  There was actually still ice and snow on the ground in places, and as we were heading out, I realized there was a pretty stiff breeze. I snugged up my scarf around my neck and instantly felt warmed.

PC Hike 3

Over the next couple of hours as we hiked in and out of sunny spots, I loosened and rewrapped the scarf half a dozen times, and that single thing made any other jacket changes or even a hat or gloves completely unnecessary. It was absolutely perfect. Handknits-in-action to the rescue. Thin Edge of the Wedge saved the day. I love that.

Last night, I finished up all but a few rows of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Now that I’m into the double-knitting groove, this square was a piece of cake with its long stretches of the same color. The square that came out yesterday is much more complex and even involves a bit of “extreme double knitting,” so we’ll se how that goes. I’m planning to start it tonight.

We wrapped up the weekend with a homemade pizza. It was absurdly good.


 Here’s to a great week, my friends! Hopefully, it will involve lots of knitting!


  1. melinda

    When I was knitting it, I imagined using all of the two balls of yarn I was working with, but it started to seem excessively long before I got that far. It’s quite a bit of two skeins of Hazel Knits Entice, though. How’s that for informative? 😉

  2. Jay

    So, are you a gamer? I’ve been following you knitting your geek blanket squares. My students would love it. Retro games are in again. Don’t get me wrong, they love their shooting games and fantasy games with all the graphics but there are a lot of people creating emulators for the old gaming systems. In all of our conversations, games have never come up. Are you knitting the squares because you’re a closeted gamer or because you wanted to learn the new technique?

    • melinda

      I can’t say I’m really a gamer although there are certain games I love. The draw for me with this blanket is the double knitting and the graphic appeal of the individual squares. Last year’s theme was mad scientists, and I’d have loved that as much as the video games theme. I think it’s a case of general nerdiness at work.

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