Computers, Cooking, and Contrasting Colors

Ever feel like the machines are not your friend? It’s been one computer drama after another around here this week. I’ve been fighting with my email for days, the server at work that lets me do my thing has been on the blink, my father’s computer went crazy last night and started sending him weird messages before abandoning its connection to the network altogether and leaving him at the mercy of the cable people . . . Yuck! It’s enough to make you forget how really wonderful these things are.

Despite the technical difficulties, the rest of life has been rolling along.

On Wednesday, there was knitting in the park. I had an appointment in town in the morning, and that left me with an hour to kill before yoga. Since the day was so overwhelmingly gorgeous, I decided the ducks had the right idea and joined them in this nice spot next to the pond while I worked on my BFF sock.

Sock and Ducks

It’s funny. If I hadn’t had my knitting, I would have been at loose ends just hanging out here. With my sock to work on, though, it was wonderful. I soaked up the sunshine and fresh air and enjoyed watching the birds and felt completely relaxed and at ease. Knitting is good in so many ways, and some of the best are hard to name or even describe. Know what I mean?

Another thing I’ve been up to this week is kitchen adventures with Alana Chernila and The Homemade Kitchen. 

So far, I’ve pickled the last peppers from this year’s garden:


I’ve cooked Dal.

Dal 1

. . . with Raita which I’d never had—it’s AMAZING!

Dal 2

And I’ve made gingerbread!


Yummm!!!!! Oh, my goodness. This was so incredibly tasty.

I’ve also been trying to decide whether or not I like “Echo” as a contrast color for the “Argyle” in Gramps. 

Gramps CC 2

Gramps CC

The “Echo” came in the mail yesterday. I set it and my Gramps-in-progress on the end table so that I’d see them every time I passed through the living room. I was hoping that if I just exposed myself to the combination for a day or so, it would become clear whether or not the two colorways belonged together. I’m still not 100% sure, but I think I’m going to take the leap and see how this turns out.

Now, I’m off to take a nap before the busy weekend gets underway. Lola has already found the sunny spot.

Sun Bathing

Thank you for stopping by, and happy knitting!


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