BFF Socks and Banana Bread

I’m heading out of town this weekend to see family in Texas, so I’ve been trying to get all the things done this week. It’s been a little hectic. The weather is beautiful here on the mountain, though, and I’ve been enjoying that and making sure to set aside a little time for the things that keep me steady.

The day before yesterday, I cast on for Cookie A’s BFF Socks.


I love this yarn. It’s Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock that I got at Stitches a million years ago. The colorway is “Eastern Bluebird.” At the time, we lived in Chicago, and I’d never seen an actual Bluebird, but here in Tennessee we see them all the over the place. Kind of cool.

Today, I made banana bread. It turned out even tastier than usual for some reason.

Banana Bread 2

It’s so interesting how the top comes out looking different every time.

Banana Bread 3a

And here’s a tiny little view of fall.

Changing Leaves

That one little section of leaves has started to change color. It’s kind of startling to see the red in all that green. Before we know it, the red and orange and yellow will be everywhere. It happens so fast.

I’m still waiting on the buttons for Calligraphy, so no update to share there. I’ve almost finished my Storm Cloud Shawlette, though. If I manage to get the last couple of rows done tonight, I’ll try to post some pics tomorrow before I leave.

Happy knitting, my friends! Be well.


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