All Over The Place

Here are some of the things I love:


  • Knitting
  • Crazy Color Combinations
  • Superheroes
  • Villains
  • Cool Graphics
  • Smart Writing
  • Nerds
You know what? There’s a blog for that!!!

This week I found Lattes and Llamas. The very first blog post I read was titled, “2015 Geek-A-Long: Dr. Doom” and started off with a photo of an awesome double-knit square featuring, you guessed it . . . Dr. Doom! It just gets better from there. There are LOTS of cool squares, a slew of geeky quotes, backstory on featured characters . . . And the writing made me smile. I might have actually chuckled a time or two on the inside.

From what I can tell, the Geek-A-Long is a year-long knit along. The Lattes and Llamas creators make a new square pattern available each week for 48 weeks—for free! At the end they guide you through putting 24 of the squares together to make a fabulously geeky blanket. They have a Ravelry group you can join to share Geek-A-Long war stories, and it all just strikes me as a ton of fun. I doubt I’ll join in for the full Geek-A-Long, but I’m pretty sure that when it comes to knitting at least a few of these awesome squares, resistance is futile.

In addition to discovering Lattes and Llamas, I did some knitting, finished a book, and had a full-out, avert-your-eyes, gnarly, nasty, skid-marks-on-the-pavement work meltdown.

So . . . the knitting. Here’s my pillow cover blocking. This is the most aggressive blocking I’ve ever done. I’m hoping to use a standard-size pillow core, and my cover is not quite big enough for that. Hopefully, the blocking will give me the extra couple of inches I need.


When I started out, Lola wanted to help:


So did Augie. His specialty is “adjusting” blocking wires.


But then there had to be crazy chasing.


It’s all about priorities in this house.

Have I mentioned the swatching? I think I have. I’m trying to decide which yarn to use for the TKGA Basics course. I might have decided on Lion Brand Fishermen’s wool. It’s the top swatch here:

TKGA Yarn Swatch 2

It seems to have the best balance of stitch definition and sproing. I’m vacillating, though, and wondering if I should do another swatch with the Cascade 220 using size 6 needles instead of the size 7s I used for these. The original Cascade swatch felt a little “loose,” but maybe if I went down a needle size . . .  Hmmm. . .

And since we haven’t had one in awhile, here’s an action shot. I was on the way to an appointment and was running a little early, so I stopped by the river to knit for a bit. That was good.


Hopefully, I’ll have 28thirty pics soon. And I’m planning to cast on for CeCe any second now, so there should be pics of that to share soon as well. Be well, and happy knitting!

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