This is the first Monday since Christmas that’s really felt like a Monday. Munday. Muuuundaahy.

During the break between classes over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been giddy with the freedom. There have been walks and novel reading and long, wandering conversations with my people. I watched the first two seasons of The Americans straight through. I stayed up late. I browsed the internet. I spent big chunks of time taking stock, in a good way. I came up with a plan which involved sun salutations and reflection and daily affirmations. And last week it all went terrifically. It was a great plan; I was a clever person to have come up with it. I was smug. I felt like this:

2015 01 12 1

But now it’s Monday, seriously Monday. A Monday with work and obligations. And new deadlines. Ugh. I feel like this:

2015 01 12 2

Where’s the plan? Where’s the PLAN??? I’m Fred Sanford clutching at my heart. WHERE’S THE PLANNNN???!

Oh. There it is—looking sheepish in the corner, shrugging its shoulders—”what’s a poor plan made in the luxury of no deadlines to do in the face of a Monday? With deadlines?”

At this point an inspiring blogger would dive into the pep talk that would fortify you to buck up and face this post-holiday Monday with resolve. But it’s raining. And there are deadlines. And I’m apparently not that blogger. In fact, the only reason I’m posting at all is that I don’t want to be the blogger who hasn’t posted since 2014. Too. I’m going to try to work this out. I’m going to start by knitting one row.


  1. Yeah, I am all out of pep talks to myself, too! Today is supposed to be the first “work” Monday for me as well, but I am leaving on Wed for NYC for a long weekend, so this week is a bust before it even starts. I can’t find any motivation. I am only commenting on your blog to avoid having to pretend I am avoiding trying to get organized. Sigh. Maybe NEXT Monday will be better!! 🙂

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