Fotor 2014 11 04

Back again! That’s two days in a row. I might be on a roll.

Nothing profound to share today—just the joy of knitting in a day full of errands and waiting. Two days, actually. Yesterday was election day, and today was run-around-all-over-the-county-to-appointments day. Despite some disappointments at the polls, the referendum on selling wine in grocery stores here in our fair city passed. Woohoo!! Believe it or not, the vote was actually somewhat close. One of the stranger parts of our mostly wonderful move from Chicago to Appalachia has been our introduction to the culture of the blue law. I saw some of this in Texas when I was younger, so the concept isn’t completely foreign. But still.

Today’s excitement was a trip to the dentist and the vet, among other things. My teeth and our Misha’s now-stitch-free tummy (he had surgery for bladder stones two weeks ago) are both doing fine.

Fotor 2014 11 05 2 Fotor 2014 11 05

My on-the-go project these days is a sweater I’m knitting for Adele’s Legacy. I learned about Adele’s Legacy earlier this fall at The Knotty Ladies Yarn and Fiber Weekend Getaway. A new friend who is deeply involved with the project told me about the group over lunch one day. I was impressed to the point of tears by what these women accomplish. A handful of them work together to knit a sweater, hat, and scarf for every single child in a particular elementary school each year. On a designated day in November, the children are ushered into a large room where tables are spread with hundreds of items that have been knit especially for them. Each child gets to choose a sweater, a hat, and a scarf for their very own, which means that each child has at least one sweater, hat, and scarf to wear through the winter.

I can’t begin to say how impressed and touched I am by this. Not only does it address the issue of cold children—it gives each child something special that has been handmade—stitch by stitch—with care. I believe in the power of knitting with love and the ability of something knit by hand to carry good energy. That each of these children, no matter the child’s individual circumstances, goes home that day with something that has been handknit on his or her behalf is huge. I am certain the world needs more of this.